Kolum Arts is a bespoke Kolum (Rangoli) design service that incorporates the traditional yet puts a modern spin on Kolum design. We design, make, deliver and set up tailor-made Kolums for any occasion.

Although we specialise in fine coconut and rice flour Kolums we offer a range of mediums, including: painted Kolums, gem stones, mix media and fresh flower Kolums. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and are innovative in our approach.

All of our clients have been so pleased with their Kolums and many have chosen to hang in it in their home as a focal point or piece of art to remind them of their special day. 

Historically, Kolums are used at auspicious events to remove the Evil Eye or take away negative attention. However, they are also said to bring luck to festivals and auspicious events such as celebrations of marriages, birth of a child, aragatrams, coming of age ceremonies and other similiar milestones. 

Thank you for taking an interest in Kolum Arts and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. 

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